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Username:1ukhotguy, 46 years
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Profile for 1ukhotguy


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  hey, thanx 4 looking , ok its about time i had a profile ,sooo, im a lil bit crazy , a lil bit mad ,a lil bit selfish , a lil bit argumentative ,a lil bit contradictive, a lil bit sarcastic , a lil bit patronising ,a lil bit annoying , but i cant be all that bad hey look at my friends list ..doh ! i havent got 1 lol ....oh well didnt ask u 2 look lol ....... i love the room i play in , ur all wonder full ..woo hoooooo . oh  and ive been told im slower than slow at games soo if u want a fast game better count me out  , but being fast isnt everything u know ! 
oh and im supposed 2 be bad , but dont judge me till u know me , cus im actually quite good  ;-) lol (but only on weekends )and also i have  an attention defect disorder  according to some ppl , thanx 4 that ! lol as if.       oh wow  only taken 2 years 2 discover  colour..........weeeeeeeeeeeeee 
have a great 2012 every 1 ..   esp you who have looked  at my profile , unless you just clicked on the wrong name  8-)  which is more likely
be   yourself  and dont let any 1 change who you are !
life is an opportunity , benefit from it
life is beauty , admire it
life is bliss , taste it
life is a dream , realize it
life is a game , play it
life is sorrow , overcome it
life is an adventure , dare it
life is luck , make it
life is 2 precious so dont destroy it
life is life , fight fot it
life doesnt have to be a drama  so dont make it one
i think im going through  the mid life change  lol , im actually becomming  quite a nice guy :-z  kinda scarey ,
tudies thankyou for being such good friend ,know il be there for you and u have my support always x
bambyeyes  thanx for being a friend ,u also have my support
and a huge big shout for dianne for being there always x
I miss you so much! I hope you%u2019re doing well
Missing my best friend!!

nice profile you got there :) hope to see ya around some time... Dorris xxx
Hey you! I miss you a lot shoot me a message on here I miss you a lot and need to talk to you that's for sure! A lot has happened and I still love you! You're amazing don't forget it!
Happy Birthday Handsome. XoXo
just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope youre doing ok xxx hug
Happy Birthday!!! Hope your having a good one! See I didn't forget :)
hey Barry remember me? I love and miss you tons
Always could count on you to make me smile. Thank you <3..love, me xx
hi there, you remember me? its dorris lol wanted to do this long time ago, ive always been wondering how you were doing. so i finally got back here to text you.. wow everything is so fucking different.. i see youre still here every now and then? or is it just a coincidence youve been here recently? anyways... text back or not, whatever you want hehe dorris xxx
Thinking about you
Barry i just got you GB omg i started crying we haven't spoke in so long and we need to reunite me ou and bambs that be totally cool and of course i remember you who in the world wouldn't? hahahah anyways i graduated high school and out in the world now and i got a laptop so i can now be on bandit the first day i got on i looked for you and was strange not finding you i hope you are doing well because your my dad remember that one? lol we've both missed each others birthdays so happy birthday!! happy valentines day, merry christmas and happy easter lol i think that covers everything hopefully we reunite soon its strange love you so much!!! xoxo
Miss you barryyyyyy
Happy Birthday... miss you... love you xox
COME BACK TO US !! i miss u hope u okay and had a good xmas & New year !!! xx
Missing my best friend around here!! :( Have a great Christmas hun!! xx
I Miss You <3 xoxoxo
Just wanna say thanks for being a good friend :)

Awww thanks Barry!!!! You aren't such a butthead after all! LOL
our barry is all bare
our barry has no hair
our barry doesn't care
as our barry uses Nair :P
your telling me to get my hair cut how bout you grow some hahahah you kow you love me <3 ashy(your favorite one)
your swesome lol thanks for everything you and hef have done for meand all the wonderful talks espicaillys todays im glad i make u smile (:
<3 ashy
P.S your a nerd:P hahah
hey barrey, can hear your music now and its perfect for you ... love ya bezzy mate xx
Happy Birthday onriness :) Your one of a kind I tell ya, which is good cus don't think OB could handle 2 of ya lol...Thanks for ur friendship...means a lot! :) Enjoy the rest of ur day :)
I also wanted to say alittle bit of hiii :p... love your profile :D
love your profile
Merry Christmas to you!! Your a great friend!! Thanks for that! Enjoy your Christmas :)
Happy Holidays Barry and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year thanks for everything xoxo love ashy<3 love u dad!
Nice profile Mr... :) Love your song too! Hugssssssssss
Always a good laugh withi you...thanks for that and for being such a great friend to me xx
hey hun nice profile and love that song you have on here :) ...

Omg this is barry what to say what to say lets start off with your a good friend you know and sometimes your a pain in the butt and sometimes you are very helpful but most of the time you got good remarks lol any way thanks for helping me with problems like the guy thing i have been going through thanks :) xxx ashlyn weeeeeeeeee lol
OMG ... ur Younger Than Me ????

Hey 1uk my angel bro you are an awesome person and we are Both ROCKSTARS!!! lol anyway have a good year and remember hugs all the time from me :)
just 4 all the records 1ukhotguy is def not sweet , omg ppl who say that are gonna ruin my reputation lol
hi bro i wish i was as sexy as you lol but i is the ugly bro . and yur the hot one tc m8 love yur
ummm hello why am i not listed on your profile as your bestest friend ever!!!!!! pfft whatever man! Thats just bad! fftssss
hey you! whats this mean? Whos this for? fear is temporary . regret is forever :( miss you ! haha lol catch me on msn? just peeping around!
Well we know that you suck at ludo but ur a great friend so ur not all that bad. Hope u have a great easter..
Thanks for being there for me! Your a great friend! xxx
❤❤¸.•*¨*•☆ Happy Valentine's Day ☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤
Happy Birthday sweetssss!!! You deserve the best!! Hope you have a great one!!! xxxxx
Happy Birthday hun! Thats from me and lilgotta hehe
wELL well barry .. lets see what kind of smart ass comment i can not leave.. ..your very nice to me..i think your a sweet person.. I dont believe all the rumors they say about you. hell I dont believe all the rumors they say about me. lol Muahs tc.. bless you
Happy Birthday hope you have a great day.
okay so its 12:23 am your time in the UK So Happpppppyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy to you!!!!!!!!!! Dingleberry :P lmaooo!!!!!
Just in case i cant get on Sunday ..


o.M.g. I love your profile! It is totally YOU! Which is good and bad but u already knew that lmao Thx for my W.B. (welcome back) I know you are slow.... Thats y i summed that up for ya!! I think i kinda missed u, NO WAIT, i didnt. hehe You are the coolest BUT dont let that go to your head. PLeAsE ;) Dont ya ever CHaNgE.. lots of love... goTTa and of course LiL goTTa... me sHadoW B-)
woohoo you go Barry....no matter what people say about you I think ur a sweet person.......

:) cajun
Oi Oi Huni xxx

Happy New year ... Hope u have a Brill 2010 ..

Luv ya


Oh n im Worth nore than 2 M arshMellow's ...!!!!
Missing ya! Hope you have a great New Year!!!! xxxxxxx Elaine
Wishing you a safe & happy 2010!!
Barry...Its been a hell of a year hasnt it? I hope you and yours have a wonerful Christmas!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Fantasic New Year in 2010
hey crazy barry just wanted to wish u a merry christmas n happy new year stay crazy weeee lol love ya xxxx
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!
~Heyyyy Barry...just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxoxo~Sommer
Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours xx
Wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year
Merry Christmas!!!
Mama wishes you a beautiful Xmas and an even better New Years. Stay safe (NOT).

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy playing games with you...just sorry I win all the time.. lol.. naaa u kick my arse pretty good, only cuz u distract :) Barry you have been such a great friend to me.. I enjoy playing you and enjoy our talks..thanks for being there when I went through some difficult times and thanks for being here now for some difficult times ahead for me... Your friendship means a great deal to me and I will always cherish your friendship! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! xxxxxxxx
I have played plenty of games with you and you are nice and not slow either... keep on being the way you are and i will see you at the tables.... trickks
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee bro hi m8 yur a nutter but i gotter love yur tc m8 ....all ways yur bro ..bear
Happy Thanksgivng from my family to yours! xxx
BERT - Thanks for the games of Sludo, even though you are soooooooo sloooooooow. Gonna start callin you GRAMPIE! :P
Take care of yourself. Cya in a game :)
Wow UK if there was an adult sponsporship going, I would sponsor you my self
Luv yah
ya know berry ..you can be quite annoying sometimes :P nah im playing well sorta kinda well i dunno maybes lol ..hmmmm lol..well........just thought i would say hello dingleberry!!!!!!! :P thanks for being such a good friend to me :)
lmaoooo@gay! awww berry! ROFL im sowwy i was gonna leave a nice comment per your comment you left me but i can't stop laughingggggg!!!!!!! lmaooooooooo
wot ever ppl might read from some dingbats in here 1uk is officially not gay !!!!!
i am going to make it my lifes work to find you mr right, i am looking on dating sitres now, there are a couple of good prospects lmao
hey 1ukhotgayguy how you going, any good looking men you have seen on here, i know your looking. lmao

Hey Barry ...well what can I say? haha you are one fabulous guy who has become a very dear friend! Just getting tired of you kicking my arse in games though lol...thanks for all the fun and the talks and most of all for being my friend!
hiya hiya hiya hun ltns
~hmm ok if people dont wanna look at my profile they dnt have to LOL~where have you been Mr.?? you arent allowed to dissapear for 4 days....we have been all good over here~ok just wanted to say hi back...let me know when u wanna play ptd and pull some more magic dice out...that was so sweeeeeet!! xoxoxo Summer oops Sommer I meant
berty the sausage monger weeeeeeeeeeeee bend over bert, heres a new shiny magnifying glass and pair of tweezers, safe hunting xxxxxx
berttttttttttttttttt how the hell u doing lmao thought id drop by and say hello hope u being good speak to u in lobby xxxxx
Peek a BooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooOOooooooooooooo
thanks hun! your SWEET oops..I wasnt suppose to tell anyone that haha..Hope your doing well ...and i like your lyrics on your page lol nice way to put it ...from the song "hot and cold" Kate Perry lol! teehehee
pc you know PRIVATE CHAT lol yeah i get them daily from stalkers on here. ty for the happy bday :) and anytime YOU want your a$$ kicked bring it~hey see i told ya im not 40 but dont know if i look 16? that is young lol and yes you got the name right, wtg ~Very nice to finally talk to you for awhile you have only been on my friends list for 6 months lmao..talk to ya soon..xoxoxo Sommer
hey sweets..i just wanted to come by here to thank you for being such a sweetheart to me...i have known you for what seems like years now..and you have always been by my side no matter what! You are a true friend and mean so very much to me..okay enough with all the smushy goo goo gi gi stuff ...be good and stay YOU...talk soon beth ..you know where to reach me..ill be with the cabana boys on the beach yummmy buh bye LOL!
aawww bawwy yeah im fine, just needed a break from this place really! Can get rather tiresome ppl bitchin about you when you have done nowt wrong!! Anyways hope you are well! Will be on soon so that we can play our 2somes and 3somes xxxx
Weeeeeeeee ty Barry!!! Hope he will grow up to be a decent man...like you lol. Luv ya too grandson Barry...

you sweet OB gran
lmaoooo u are so funny...so he thinks ur hot too? lmao!!!!! and well yes cameras do the trick...they just bring out more of the beauty that is already there! doh! as u would say! and ur just lucky i added ya to my new msn! LOL! anyway take care n be good u rotten thing LOL the foxxy one
damnit...i screwed up...okay..you mispelled....attention order thingy..its suppose to be deficit not defect! so we both did an oppsie..but atleast i corrected myself with help ;) lmaoooooo!!!!!!!
Hey you dont know me because i dont chat in the lobby but i must say your very entertaining and thanks for the laughs , I always get a laugh reading your responses to people in the lobby. ;)

haha lmao gotchaaaa u know how u are always trying to tell me how to spell or correct my spelling well u got a boooboooo it is suppose to be attention **deficient** disorder NOT defect lmfao!!!! yea u got a defect alright some missing screws in ya head LOL! anyway what are all you people doing leaving barry such sweet comments! he is a nice guy...but i think he foolin ya'll hes mean to me!! lmao!! just ask sarah!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!! She's seen it first hand haha hehehehe your a great guy hun talk soon the foxxy one~
hey hun u are a nice guy love playing u in ludo like to beat ya ass each day i know it puts a smile on ya face hehe !!! so glad i met ya barry u a awsome man and u will always be my good friend would do anything for my friends here luv ya tula xxxxxx
Weeeeeeee b a r r y : see I can do it lol. Thank you hun for yr sweet words. I like you a lot, you are great fun and so sorry for confusing you.... But you will learn to live with it: my son did eventually lol..... Great to be your friend.

hey hun thanks for the gb entry :) hope your doing well.. :) beth~
DINGLE BERRY!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!
okay had to come on here and leave ya a comment....gosh now your talking about sleepin and her teeth dang lol ..barry!!!!! dont feel bad sleepin...he tried to call me fat earlier ..lmaoooooo i am pregnant ya know...anyway you havent added on your profile yet that your a geek lol...so ya may want too thats the only thing i can see that is missing well..i dunno let me have another look lol okay you have a Attention Deficit Disorder also lmaooooo sorry so you have to add those two in there aswell lolllllll hehehe take care hunnies...luvies u! u forgot to add in there too that you can be sweet at times...but leave everything on there bc your totally correct on all those things...but i wouldnt say a lil annoying cus u can ask alot of questions lol c-ya!
omg barry, you are in so much dang trouble..lmao u cant tell someone they got a great smile and then ask if thier teeth are false.lol well you can but not very nice.. :P but ermm no thier all mine ..and I take great pride n that fact:P are yours false?

I am ok ty for askin. my mom is still sick but tryin to set her up with a pain management center now. since drs cant seem to do anything for her.. so discouraged she is. .. and ermm yeah well as far as fighting with u goes. I am sure we will tango somehow..sometime.. tc lubs ya..
I just gotta add to head's entry that I luv our lil spin the bottle sessions, great times haha who would have thought head was such a bad girl eh lmaoooo anyways luv ya hunni, yr a star too and even tho yr slow at games I'll still play with ya xxx
yea barry is a great guy! I know :) I hope your doing well...and thanks for the GB entry...and i DO not hide...i am just a mystery lol...anyway you take care of you!...talk soon beth!
Barry yr great, you make me smile when Im down and you cheer me up when im sad! Dont stop being yrself, yr a great guy and Ob needs you xx
heyyyy.....you.. slow at games ?????? ... i dont believe it lmaooo
thought i would come on here and say hello hope your doing well barry talk soon :)
Happy Birthday hunni!!! Hope you have a great day and dont drink too much you dont wanna get another hangover! lmao xx
Happy Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope you have the best Birthday ever!!!

Thanks barry for the Birthday wishes ....shush tho...noone suppose to know its my birthday!!!! LOL! hope your doing well and take care hun :)
heyyyy....how about adding 'a lil bit slow' to that list? lmaooo.. man.. you gotta be the slowest player i know.. but soooooo much fun... always guaranteed a laugh... never change hun xx
Barry Barry Barry Happy New year and best wishes to ya my friend im so glad that i have gotten to know ya over the years you been a good friend to me
Barry...it's been a true pleasure getting to know you. I love it when your here! So where the hell are ya??? ROFL
Best wishes to you in this New Year! xxx
Happy New Year hope 2009 brings u joy x
Ha ha - reading your profile. You are hilarious! Keep having fun! :)
Merry Xmas hottie lol thx for your entry ooooh that sounds nawty dont it? Oh well hehe have a good one xx
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and yours. Bless you always ...
merry christmas barry have a great one and be safe happy and love large ...your friend ranger
Barry you a one of a kind, a true sweetheart. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Stay Sweet hun, And may your holidays be filled with lots of joy and hapiness!
Omg..ur sooo ermmmm mean... to meee..naah ur a nice guy.. thanks for ur comments..and god bless you always. muahsssssss amanda
Did u know that if you tell a therapist u think hearing voices would be entertaining they give u pills! woohooo
Hunni you the shell on a nut! lmao.. you make me laugh and you leave me wondering.....not a good thing my friend...
Thanx for being a good friend and giving me plenty of laughs...
now quit telling me what to do.... tee hee
ok i remember you now your hulk hogan ,i pass by your home on way to work jk auusiegurl and i will never forget how you couldnt handle both of us in a game lol xo shell
HUH a little bit sarcastic, that's what a ballbuster is,lmao It's ok you can dish it all out as long as you can take it toooooo. It was great meeting you Barry and hope that we can play some more. I love to kick butt in all my games. Take care and hope to see you around,,,,, Jenny
hiiiiiiiiii my favorite hot guy stopping by to say hi so heres your guest book entry.....lol
Hey good lookin ;) Thanks so much for the kind words. Your a real sweetheart and very fun to play ludo with :) Tc and see u in more games hopefully.
damn i coulda sworn u were describing me n ur profile..lmao
hiya so i thought i would drop by seeing as tho i havent left a comment in some quite time...so....hiya and....talk to ya laterz whenever i am in bandit LOL....and your braving people now...shoulda known LOLLL haha
ummmm wow ..i can leave me my own comment ....ummm wow uk ur a really cool guy , and im glad i met me and all ur friends , there nearly as cool as u ;-)
hey barry !!
ty for the gb entry !!!
u make me smile and laugh 2 xx
im not really more grown up than the grown ups if that makes sense lol !!!!
ty for being u 2 !!
cool photo again !!
luv u 2 xx
stacey xx
hiya sexy wassup! thank you soooooo much for being a true friend. luv ya babe.
just thought id pop in and say hi
cool photo !!!
from lil stace !!! x
and you call me a nutter lmao??? tyvm for joining hunni, look forward to you winning a tourney and giving you some bux!! see you around me lil brit nutter :P
heyyyyyy ur a crazy guy alot of fun 2 talk 2 ...... Glad i have a chance 2 know u ......Hope u win one of my tourneys lmao ,,,,,, moodygranny ...... alison xxxxxxxxx
im bored where the heck are you!!!!
hiya thought i would stop by and say hey gl in your games :)
yayyyyyyy someone finally put his picture up only took months of harrassment!
heyyyyyy just wanted to stop by say hey hope all is well gl in your games Beth~
Hiya Barry, sorry it's taken me so long to get round to answering you - but you know what I'm like, lol. Thanks for the nice comments hun, you're a good friend too, I have to say though 0 I may have taught you how to play the game but you certainly don't need to be taight how to win, lol, you do that often enough, especially against me..... Cya soon hun xx
hey thanx for the comment..still shocked that YOU can end up speechless..not normal...lol..ok well nice meeting you 2...hope to get to kick your butt in yahtzee soon..lol
hiya barry x
can i ask i have no idea who big bro is it
who is it ?
ty for my gb entry
me weeeeeeeeee
lol like u said it rymes lol
i dont know how to spell rhymes
cya xxxxxxxxx
hiya brat! thought i would come by and pick an arguement with you....maybe i can win this time...haha LOL luv ya brat~ beth~
Hey Hottie, just dropping by to see how u were.....talk soon!! :)
xxxxxxx BMR
thought i would stop by and say hiiiiiiiiiii brat!!!!! wuvssss ya beth~
Hiya hotstuff x
Have A Great Valentines Day!! Much Love Foxxy~
Just popping by to say HIYA....hope ya have a great day...ya might need in case i kick your butt again in another game like last night...lol
Now its your turn to signnnnn Kuz i was the first to sin yours HAHA 1111111111111111 ya gotta luv me
hiya barry im signing everyones gb lol bubbi x
Hey! HOt thing you. Just leavin love muah
Where's the pic then if you soooo hot lol!!
Had to be the 1st ti sign gb lol nice to meet you hun xxxxxxxxx Sunshine
well nice to meet ya there hun......xxxxxxxxx Sunshine