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Username:xxstaceyxx, 28 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 2160 times
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Profile for xxstaceyxx

heyyyyy Stacey awwww arent you sweet!!! Actually my hair can be a big pain esp it is sooooooo hot outside and i just throw it up in a hair tie and its done LOL thanks for the comment and yes my kids appear to be cute and all innocent in the pictures but but but LOL yes they are but a hand full take care of yourself!! Beth~
WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! hope your doing well.
hey lil stace , ty 4 being u , u make me smile and laugh and smile again , u actually act more grown up than sum of the grown ups here lol ...shhhhhhhhh dont tell them i sed that lol , anyways i think ur ace luv 1uk ;-)
heyyyyyyyy im bored lalalalaaaaaaaa hey girly gl in your games LOL
heyyyy thought i would stop by and say hello hope all is going well beth~
thanks for the gb entry ..and thanks for the best wishes. Gl to you , and get a darn picture of u on here...
heeey big bro is still watching u ....so i hope ur being good :-) . keep on having fun hun ,and say hi 2 me weeeeeeeeee......it rhymes lol
hey stacey how are things? Hows school? okies jsut wanted to stop by and say hello wuv beth~
Hey stacey Just wanted to come by and say hey hope all is going well :) beth~
Have A Great Valentines Day!! Much Love Foxxy~
Hi Hun, ty for signing my GB. Nice to have you as my friend. You are so much fun.

Hugs, xxxx
Thanks for adding me as friend, and gb. you are very nice and fun! :-D and be good in ob hehe...its very nice to know you around here and joining my tourneys. have fun and take care!

Maria aka XXDolphM1XX
ummm weeeeeeeeeeeeeee i guess . nice 2 meet u lil lady , keep having fun and big bro is watching u ;-)
Just wanted to pop by and say HIYA..have a great day hun
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hold on and enjoy the games
booooooooo i got to you hehe whats up i love it when u join my tourneys
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Stacey, welcome welcome.... Nice to know you hun

Love you xxx
weeeeeeeeeeeee nice to meet u hunni xxxxx love ya
hola.. my dear.. one big hug from chile and ty for invite me to your friendlist!
hiya all anyone can sign my gb if they want