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Your grandson is adorable!!! Growing up so fast! Haven't seen you here as much! Miss you in here, hope to see ya back more....
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is cute , lets hope he grows up like me ! luv from ur ob grandson xxx
Wow maakye Benjamin is growing up, he's such a handsome little boy, just gorgeous !! Tricky xx
hey gran , id like to say ur a great and funny lady u make me smile and ur truly a sweet angel . well id like to say it but i cant maayke ur a terrable barry speller and u confuse me 2 , but u know wot , i wouldnt swap u 4 the world , u are a very funny lady and its a pleasure to know u ..luv bary burry bray yrrab ??ok 1uk xxx
Yes hun it really is lol, vn pics of you n the baby.
Hey lisa wrong guest book rofl.....had to maayke you better post this rofl...
By the way such a cute baby.....makes me want more.....
adorable family hun and u still dont look a day over 30
luv ya hunni
hey hun tyvm for card u didnt have to its lovley and omg im now 3000000000 lmao love ya xxxxxxx
Beautiful Baby Benjamin!!!
aww you have a cute baby there maayke . never change whoever you are,glad to be friends
xoxoxoxo -iv4 lol
maayke....this one is a keeper!!!! What a handsome boy:)
Im upset Im not listed under "special friends" :( gonna go get my wine and drown in my tears... :P luv ya hunni u always make me smile! xx
There is no way a baby boy could get any cuter than him! i just wanna kiss them apple cheeks. Love ya girl! xxxxx
Thank You Very Much Hunnie... I wish for you a long and healthy life where u shall see peace all over the world :).. You Are Such A Great Lady.. Its My Pleasure To be Your Friend...

Hugz xoxoxo
Marwa :)
awww lovely pics hun so cute.. god bless him Hugz xxxxx
yeah yeah ur nice ......... have no typos ....... ok thats about all nice stuff i can think of ,,,,,,,, what did u expect u only paid me 5.00 2 write this ........ moody
heyy hun love the pics of ben with his teef he look so sweet i love that baby so much u are such a great nanny to him he got best nan in the world luv ya loads xxx
omggggg his look so sweet with his teef i love him loads hun u have such a darling of a grandson luv ya xxx
happy new year huny xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
to a very special friend heres wishing u a very happy and safe new year hope its the best ever u deserve it.
luv tweety xoxox
Happy New year to my favorite bandit of all time! I love u hun and hope 2009 is the best year of your life! xoxoxo
Happy New Year Hunny! thanks for all the laughs u are a wonderful person. Love and Hugs Lil xxxxxxxxxx
Merry Xmas to you hun and a happy new year. Love Linda xxxx
Heyyyyyyyy my twin sis from another place :-) Merry xmas and new years to you and more importantly Happy Birthday for tomorrowwwwwwwww weeeeeeeeeee tomorrow my time anyway :p hope you have a fantastic day
Hugs Dee :-)
My favorite buddy..but, why the hell ain I mentioned..pfft...
Merry christmas maayke and wishing you a safe and happy new year, lots of love, tricky
Hey maayke just wanting to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for the talks, nice getting to know you! Love ya!!
Awwwwwwwww ickle baby Ben..and awwwwwww a ickle Kitty.,..but Maay...why are you trying to eat the flowers????
Hi Maayke,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
I love you so much girl! I hope this holiday season brings you good cheer, kindness galore, lots of smiles and a ton of laughter! xxxoooxxxooo
awww.. he is such a cutie hun.. god bless him . You are a great woman too hun glad to know you hugz xxxxxxxx
hi huny bun love yur ... your so nice sweet sex .. ty for being my m8 m
awwwww hunnie i love the new pics of ben i love my little man to bits and u are a wonderfull person love ya hun like my second mum xxx
I love you. I appreciate you. I admire you. You are the best of the best girl! Never ever do i want you to go a day without knowing those things! ***Hugs***
Hey Hun, Just wanted to drop by and say Thanks for making my day! You crack me up! Luv Yas!
lol ok figured out what I was doing wrong lol...i'll tell ya later lol that little fellow is sooooooooo cute!! Aww Maayke i know your proud!! Keep posting pics!!!!
Awwww.. Baby Benny is incredibly adorable..absolutely perfect! Congrats again & I wish you & your family nothing but the best. *hugs*
awwwww im so sorry hun yeah im glad i did it i dont want the dog to suffer any longer than she did hows that baby doing hun me handsome little fella he is luv ya xxx
awww he so cute hun. Give him a cuddle from me xoxox
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy missed you sooooo much glad your back safe and well !!!!!
you have the cutest grandson ever ...spoil him rotten hun thats what nans do best :)

love you millions trillion and billion

ohhh yes i love you more !!!!!!!!!
How are you? i am fine
Have not seen you out for some tme,do you have your hands full with new baby in the family and soo sweet.

your g son is so pretty he will be a woman killer when he gets big lol
aww so adorable, a little prince to cherish xx
Aww such a cute baby maayke....congrats hon...I know ur proud :)

what a nice baby... !

a lot of hug from me and my family..

a new born .. is a new hope.. !
Love the pics hun his a smashing boy and will be so handsome when he grows up xxx
awww how precious...that made me even more excited for my grandsons arrival...love him some for me...congrats grandma!!
many congrats on being a granny , hes nearly as cute as me ..ok he is lol , hun im sure he will be very spoilt and best thing is u can give him back when hes bad lol ..thats soooo cool ..any ways its great news ...luv 1uk :-)
Congrats on birth of benjamin hun he is sooooo cute you the best grandma ever luv ya to bits and baby xxx
awwwww hun benjamin is so cute congrates hun to u and ur family xxxx
this baby is gonna have your hands full.......what a cuttie pie hun. xoxoxox
Heyy granny maay !!
congrats on your grandson hun :D
he is soo cute !!!!
love you millions and trillions and zillions
yup i think i love you more :)
look at that sweet little one hes a doll
Congratulations on your grandson huni ...
He is a little stunner .. just like his nan!!

luv ya huni

kellie Shaun
& kids
baby! your grandson is a real looker! from day 1!!!!! all my wishes for him to have an awesomely happy life and for you to always be proud of him! luvs ya Maayke
conrats on the birth of benjamin
hope he's as cute as his grandmaaa is
big hugs to baby
foxy xxxxx mwah
hey hun just wanna say u are a real good friend to me love ya millions :)
Hey girl. I added new pics of *Shiloh* a few days ago. She says hi to her other mommy! <3
Awwww, your baby looks like my baby. Too cute! <3
hiya maayke your cat is soo cute xx bubbi x
boooo ty for signing my GB :P
Hya hunni im so glad that i got to know you, u are soooo lovley
hugsssssssss hunni love ya tulaaa08
heya maaykeeeeee...... glad we have met... U are a sweety
hey maaykee...so happy we have made friends here....ur a very witty lady n funny...but most of all you are a sincere friend to many here tyvm n God Bless....love your cats n penquins also love the pic of the birds in flight that you have...great pic!!
Maaykeeeeeeeee, hiya hunni! Just sending you some love your way. I just got to know you but your a great gal and love chatting with you. Happy New Year hunnies. Love ya David James
Happy Happy New Year, my very favorite ob coplayer and very dear e-friend! My wishes for the new year to your son's family too in Canada! Luvs ya heaps, baby xxxxxx :)
Hi Maayke,
Sounds like fun and sure we'll take a walk or two
hiya maayke
cool friend to have
your a great laugh keep it up
love ya
foxyyyy xxx
lucy likes ya cat so hide it ok lmao