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HI to all!
Happy Holidays Hunny!
omg ur in a relationship , u never told me lol , hiya dana just wanted 2 say hi and ty 4 the nice words and thanx 4 the pills , ur always soo nice 2 me , well umm not always but sumtimes and i just wanted 2 say ty ,, 2 many ppl dont say ty enough on here ...uve been through alot hun , u should be proud of urself , give my love 2 sierra , remind her of me sumtime ..luv 1uk :-)
hi baby your so cute xxxx love yerr huny ..bear
awww thats a great picture of matthew there.. but life goes on and That baby girl is adorable..god bless u
Hi DDs.......such a nice profile. You are a sweet person. Take care, and we'll all keep praying for Matthew. Youve been through soooo much, and you still know whats important, and realize how to still make the best out of a bad situation. Keep your head up hun.
heyyyyyy biotch just thought i would stop by and say thanks for the luvin lmfaooooooooo anyway gtg were being called and im late lmaooooooooo peace
your profile is the best i love the puppy picture
hey babes ty so much for the membership.. i been havin a rough few weeks and u really made my day... ty so much...Much love! Sunshine (gotta)
hope your doing okay dana...we all love you...everything will be okay hunnies...you know where i am at if u need a shoulder to lean on.....
aww your daughter is beautiful and omg dobie pups!! i want one!! lol. but seriously my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones ... take care
dana u take care , and remember im not such an ass , u can talk 2 me ok .. barry
Love the Danes, I have two one is female albino, the other is male black and white... the male acts as scared as scooby-doo.. however both are great with my son.... hope we can play some ptd yatzy sometime
thats one ugly dawg baby lol p
Love those dogs sweety.......omg awesome:-)
licks dana like sweet candy
i love you dana ur the best and its got nothing to do with the shop kisses sweety
heey , great 2 see u sooo happy , wtg 2 u and matty lol . ill start building a tree house 4 the 2 of u ,,weeeeee , as long as i can come n visit sumtime lol .......all the very best luv 1uk :-)
hey dana , havent written nuffin 4 ages ,soooo i hope uuur well umm weeeee and woot wooot , sounds like u are . still great playin wiv ya , even though u win tooo many times 4 my liking , any way . thanx 4 being a great frnd and all that ... luv 1uk :-)
lalalaaaaaaaaaa im bored so heyyyyyyyyy
Hey Woman...just wanted to say wazzzzzzzup! Hope you have a "lucky" ST. Patty's Day!! You deserve it! Love ya xxxx BMR
weeeeeeeee im bored chitless lmao so whata ya doinnnnnnn lmao okay think imma go do something magical LOL hehe BEth~
hey girly thought i would come by and show sum loveeee beth~
hey hun just wanted to stop by and say hey hope all is well with you have a good day luv foxxy~
hey hunnnnnnnnies just wanted to stop by and say hey luv ya Beth~
Have A Great Valentines Day!!!! Much Love Foxxy!~
yesssssssssss u is crazy w/o cofeeee hehe
heyyyyyyy nice pics :P hehe wazzzupppppppp
lookin good there hun ;-) could of written abit more though ?lol . t/c be good .;-)
yayyyyyyyy lmao