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Username:marswana, 42 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Chitris - played 17832 times
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Profile for marswana

lubssssssss ya marssssssssssssss <3
we <3 Marwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PMSL i was about to call ya chicken but then i saw the profile pmsl u r magnoona!!!!
Hey mars..... lol ur so silly..always making me laugh..have a wonderful day..and lovely life.!
oh my god i dont believe i been gone for a week and here is what happens!!! shadow says luv ya buddy!!!! omg!!! i complain!!! smartie pants x)
luv ya buddy

goodnight :))
That pic is so HAWT!!!
i loves ya sooooooooo much ty for being htere for me it.s much appreciated. love ya .....ann
We love you too hommie!!!
:biglovehug Marsssssss
Thanks X love u toooo muah
Sorry, can't tell ya :P
1st of i agree with sh@dow second i cant eat and ur profile is making me hungry!!!x)

you ludo lover

tee hee
Marssssssssssssssssss!!!!! WOOT WOOT Just sending you alittle SUPA love your way. mmmmmmm xoxoxo
Hey what can i say you are fun to pie:-)
You a hoot to mess with weeee
luv ya girlie xoxoxox
Ty hun..........it is a pleasure to know you. You are a wonderful woman and ty for wanting to be my friend.

yes i can catch a fish lol ... love yur huny xxxxx
Thank you hunnie, he really is the joy of my life and I can't wait to go there and see him again.

You are so right: war is stupid, each war, no matter the backgrounds....people should finally learn to live in peace and respect esachother's differences. I hope to live long enough to see peace everywhere! There is place for all mankind on the earth, which was not given to us to destroy.

Love you,
the 4th picture sounds too familiar hmmm anyhow what hope is there of me finding brain or meeting ET up close and personal> :0)
Just looooove your profile pic.
Have a splendid weekend :)
Hugs from Baldrikke
heyyyyyyyy you spammer you!!! I hope your behavin!!! I say noooo spamin yeah noooo spaminnnn...lmao
luv, juls hehehehe
LOL what a funny picture...!
wtg mars war is bad ..xxxxxxxxxxxxx
umm is this marwa? :s you scare me with that peace stuff :o:o
Since you believe in world peace you don't need something else to govern!

We Love Marwa!

Marwa for Governor!!!

this is a comment to the most caringness person in the world, i love u with all my heart and wish the best for u from now into the future.... oh wait... wrong profile... sorry
Thanks for the add. Love the pic, btw :]
Ur awesomeeee :D
Love you mars!
omg i fell in love weve your eyes lol
I am not going to say hello


To say how brilliant your profile is.

In fact, you suck.

hi ya hunni tyvm 4the card we received it today happy new year to u all xxxxx
hey hun .hope you had a great christmas and i wish you the very best for the new year xxxxx sam
merry christmas hunni happy new year hope you have a good one love you loads xx
Thank you. I wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year! xoxoxo
Thank u hope u have a great Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family :)
Kala Xristougenna and Very Happy Pasxas (<3)
Merry xmas dear mars.. i love you.. kiss and hugs to you and yours from Chile
Happy Holidays Hunny! I hope the season brings you a ton of smiles, non stop laughter and Love to last you the whole new year through! xoxoxo
Hi Marswana,

A Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. bless you hun your so nice...
lov to ya huni big hugs your awesome woman have a wonderful holiday and happy new years lov ya your friend vickie
Merry Christmas and Happy New year, to you and yours. bless you hun..
Merry Christmassssss & Happy New Year xx
Greek invasion on me Marwa's GB :O
Hey sweetie haven't I told u not to talk to greeks???? huh? huh??
(althouth i'd like a bit of this salami aeros yfantis if u got any spare l.m.j :P)
Ahlan marwa or mars or snickers nice to grafw bourdes here for u abeeta....have a magnoon xristougenna kai what i say twra voulose to a little to speak ghady....ela ta leme i boring to write vlakeies ...salam ,aeros ifadis maybe.....and big pffffffffffffffffffffffff !!!!!!!!
hi hun ty:) PPPFFTT your pic is cuter than mines rofl .... Merry Xmas hun and a happy new year mwah! love linda xxx
well well well well WELL!!! I see Marsmeanie has a gb well well hmmm i only got one thing to say apart from well done in w.c :p and that is pfffttt
Hiya Hun, I want to wish you A very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!! luv ya hun your an sweetheart....juls
you are a very good player and a good friend too!
any one can have fun with you
note:u are great too
best wishes
marawyyyyyyy, ya marawyyyyy yaaa marawyyyyy, 3mla eh tamam, kol sana we enty tayba, we 7lwa we amora keda, lol, hope 4 u the best isa, we t3mlini betri2a a7san men keda shoya loool:d yalla kefaia 3liki keda salammmmmmmmmmm
you are a very nice and great girl! :D
happy new year mars all the best for 2008 *hodn* awee bosa lauren
hiya hun, its been a pleasure meeting you. OMG I'm getting hunry from all those pics lol. You are so right its allways tets fault lol. Have a happy new year with all the best. hugs Dannii
:o confusing why is it confusing? :s :s
you chocoholic marsmeanie where are you? :o:o:o
mmmmmm i have the weirdest feeling u might like chocolate :P
You are such a cool person ... never change :)
hahaha u still cant put the pics lmao :p:p
Hiiiiiiiiiiii hunnie ;D
thnx for bein my friend wuhu=D made me glad now ;D

yea i rip'd ur trisskillz muhahah *evil laugh* bet ure takin em back then :o lemme keep em for a while then hun lol;D

nice knowin u=D ure my trisheroine :D woah;D

take care babe xoxoxoxo

hi hun nice pics hope you keep beating jay in chitris and i know you give him the games in puzzle coz he sulks pmsl
jay said to say you spelt your name wrong too hun he said its marswhiner
its not true hun lol
nonono its all wrong its should say marsmeanie or oldie even better pfft pftt
btw where are you? :o :o
hello mars ur one good friend ur the first friend on here i really started talking to ur mad off the head and sleep with the internet man and i cant beleive in 8 months time theres gonna be a bite size mars about lol xxx
I think you are a sweet and cool person. Love your profile hun . See ya in ob
marsssss...the best mom a person could have lol..stay sweet hunnie

what u mean or else huh? u marsmeanie bar with no caramel or chocoloate :o well thats is i sgned ur guestbbok again :d now where is my price i said good words as well i could have said u are old :0)
Woohoo MarsBar Love it...LOL!
You're such a great person no matter what others say ;)
Now you have to sign my GB plz?
hi hun just thot id say helllo lol :)
mmmmm what to say i enjoy beating u all the time ;) lol ur a good laugh and pffffffffff to all those tris tourneys u beat me in but 1 day u might beat me in puzzle tell me when i will go missing ok jay ps pffffffffffff
omg how could u let teto copy me marsmeanie :o omg tsk tsk tsk snif snif and i thought u wuved me bad marsmeanie x)
Your AMAZING luv! Killer eyes! Flirt with ya later! love ya David James
Waxie << save that...will be worth cash :P

anywho.. whos that lady in the last pic in ur gallery...shes sexyyyy..lolol anddddd im glad i knw u...u been a good friend...and funny.. smart and u dont smell to bad usually.. but one day...i will be beating u in chit too much and u will have to beg for a win :D hahaha i promise (devil face thingy goes here) :P ...have fun and behave
pffttttt pffttt Marsmeanieaaaaaaa correction old marsmeanie :p:p
i still wuv u even thought u let other ppl win the chitris (<3) but do not do it again x)
hi hun im glad we are friends and you did do well in the world cup
big hugs always
love tanya
Hey mars nice to have you as a friend keep being sweet
Here's to one of the coolest people in OB, never leave my friend :)
hello aom kalsom 3andy pro zaik ta7ia maser (p)
heyyyy marsss :)
i will pop round and see you in a min rofl
nice meeting you huni
and love you lots and lots and lots
Hello Marwa!
It was nice to meet you! :D
Hope find you in a chitris game :D

Ok I sign now where's my cheque?
Can U buy me some tickets to Giza? Plz? *blinking*
ALways remember to forget
The things that made you sad
But never forget to remember
The things that made you glad

Always remember to forget
The friends that proved untrue
But dont forget to remember
Those that have stuck by you

Always remember to forget
The troubles that have passed away
But never forget to remember
The blessings that come each day.
xoxox Love ya hunni xoxox
hey hun so glad to have met you, u're a sweet friend but mean to me in games lmao ;-) take care & have fun (h)
Hey you :p said I was going to wait til Nov. 30 to sign this thing but ur mean looks really scare me at times =) Hugs and of course pfffttt
i'll pffffttttttttt if i want to :P cos u keep beating me pppfffttttttt :(
um... Hi.

U told me that u comment me lies, so i will do to.

You are the most PFFFFTTTT person here i have ever met!

take care :P
pffttttt pffttt Marsmeanieaaaaaaa correction old marsmeanie :p:p
i still wuv u even thought u let other ppl win the chitris (<3) but do not do it again x)
well PFFT back @ u x)