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Hello there...  I've never been very good with describing myself, but I'll do my best. My name's Amanda.. I live in NW Indiana [right outside Chicago]. First and foremost- I'm a stay at home mom [to teenagers... help!], but hoping to start Cosmetology school soon. I'm a HUGE baseball fan [Go Chi-Sox!], I like, reading, true crime, forensics, anything Rockabilly/ vintage-y, Guitar Hero, and of course OB. I'm addicted to Backgammon and Yamb. I never understand all the hype over Ludo. I don't have much of a social life. I'm obsessed with lipstick, coffee and socks. I'm always open to meeting new people, soooo hope to make a few e-friends here. If you want to know more, just ask.  <3
Hope you and your Family have a safe and Hapy Easter... xoxo
i love you, mommy<3
cute grand baby but mayb u need buy her wig she dont strt getting some hair rockon lol
go granny go
merry christmas to you and the family
Missed you...Welcome back hun xoxox
ok who do we root for now minny texas or cincy are good underdogs xo rock on
wb amanda light of my life
Go Cubbies!
I miss you and I love you!
love ya sweetie your the best
whos the guitar hero??? yea thought so lol
less than 3 - ron
thank you hunni :).. Love your pics too.. ur so cute ;) xxx
Thanks for the invite! :)
Hi Amanda, she is such a cutie: still want her!!!!! Take good care of her. She is so lovely.....give her a big cuddle please....

Love ,
Hiiiiiii, such lovely kittens....the look great. Wish I lived nearer.

Cuddle "mine" for me please

NW IN what part you in I am from NW IN
nice photos
nice style
nice eyes
nice cats
nice nice nice