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Username:corfu, 30 years
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love my family, friends and my boy loads :)
Hey corfu.. Letting you know even though we dont see each other.. I still feel like your the best kiddo in the whole world.. I know I know your growing up.. But its a blessing to see how much you respect your mother. Love ya
Merry Merry Christmas youuuuuuu love ya long time!!!!
hey lil corfu i wish u and ur family a lovely xmas and happy new year xxx didnt know u had a baby awwwwwww luv ya barry xxx lol ;-)
hi hun sorry i missed you earlier , you had it right hunni xxxxlove you lots....auntie linda xxx
hi hun sorry to hear about ur uncle takecare and keep strong.lee xx
im so sorry to hear about your uncle. i hope your okay. your a very very nice person. XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO >brick
dont thank me, you're the strong one..... i love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx auntie linda xxxxxxxxxxxx
hey hun ss about that may he R.I.P... love you loads sweetie xxxxx
Kayleigh, sorry to hear bout uncle steve, we are all thinking about you and your family , he'll be with dad and he'll look after him hunni, love you loads and loads.......auntie linda, kieran and connor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hey sweety sorry to hear about ur uncle..may god bless you and ur familly...luvs ya

gosh idk what to say i saw your pic and i was stunned lol hi hun gl in all your games mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs
yuur so pretty<3
ilu :)
Hey hun merry christmas and happy new year luv ya sweetie muwah xxxxxxxxxx
Kays...Kays I love you so..it's xmas time and even more so. You make me feel happy when im blue...and because of that you're a special you. Pick me up when im sad and lonely, you are so special my one and only. Loviesss aunti lindaxxxxxxxxxxxxx
just stoping by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY hunni hope u have a wicked day love ya loads xx
Just wanted to stop by and say "Happy Birthday!"
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE and many more to come.

I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I love u i love you, your a pain in the butt, your a dab hand at one liners and need your face shut :) but love is forever and you r my niece, so dont eat much or you'll be obese :):)

heyyyy....cannot believe i came back...and ur not on..tsk tsk...lol...hope to see you in the morning...um...thats your evening....i think....pmsl
Just had to say NO WAY Girl......I love you MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS xxxxxx INFINITY HA HA HA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi ya babes just thought i leave ya a message to say i love you millions and trillions cant beleive my little baby is nearly 14 ur getting old lol love u lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mum xxxx
weeeeeeeeee Had to tell ya i love u to bits too hehe xxxxxxxxx Loe ya girl Sunshine
hiya corfu.....nice to have met you sweety..just droppin some love your way... take care hun..
love even lol
ok here ya go u little turkey u .....ove ya kiddo
HO HO HO ...merry xmas my wee OB daughter xxx mauaaahhhh .. you have a very nice xmas and a very safe new year hunni.. xxxxx
Merry Christmas hun xxxxxx
Hey my ob girl....i finally made it in your book..lol...took me long enough..love ya hunni your such a sweetie...now be good and sing me some songs..lol..music is the best...love ya babe..katlin4john 4-ever..:)
hey corffff
merry christmas muppet lmao
big hugs
foxyyyyy xxxxx mwah
Hi Sweet Kays,
Just wishing you a Merry Christmas, hope you get all that you want! Best wishes for the upcoming New Year. Take care.
Hugs Anna
hey my beautiful sis
really kewl pics like to have them for my self to show u off to friends this is what i should of look like ha jk
u r a super person very loving caring and down to earth

glad me know each other
loves ya
merry xmas and happy new year
Thankyou hun for your enrty into my guestbook, You are very special to me hun, I guess I can see a lot of my own daughter in you and sometimes I might growl or someting but thats the mum coming out in me...love ya doll.xxxxxxxx
Hiya sweet young gal thats alwasy been so nice to me ....... hope u have a gr8 school year even though u not to found of it hehehe hope u get to go up in ur hot air baloon soon also txs Ron!!!!!!! keep ur mums under control tooo weeeeeeee
``````':%%:___ I LOVE YOU __:%%:'```````
```````````':%% ._________.%%:'````````````
```````````````````'%'% ````````````````

hey my sweet corfu...youre like a breath of fresh air....luv you tons hunni xoxoxox
hiya kiddo, how is my favourite kid on here, your like a little sister to me and loves you lots. and stop calling me a cowbag or i will come and kick your butt. give me cheek will ya. anyway you know i loves you lots,

Hey cutie :)
It's nice to be greeted with your smile everytime I come on OB!!!
hey sweetie! i found ya lol u r really sweet young lady i enjoy so much talkin to u too bad we r far apart i would come see ya pretty girl! u r my girl lol i loves ya! hey santa is coming so b good! lol
YEAH YEAH you won this time and this time only!!!!!!! CHOOSE AN ACTIVITY!!!!!! git xxxxxxx love ya loads xxxxxeven tho you a crap singer PMFSL xxxx
Hey there sweetie. You are a very nice girl and nice meeting you. It is also nice getting to know you. Remember you can achieve anything you want in life if you set your mind to it. Have fun in the games and talk again soon.
You big posur!!!!! CorfuuuuuUUU what a great mate and your bed is soooooooo comfy!!!!! thanks for a great weekend!!!! Merry Christmas xxxx
There are 12 months a year,30 days a month,7 days a week,24hours a day,60 minutes an hour,BUT...Only one like you in a lifetime xoxooxoxoxox
I Love you So much my Baby gals xoxoxoxoxo
Hello Sweet Kayleigh!!!
Just sending some love to you, you're such a sweetheart! Mom raised you right, she should be so proud! Stay sweet, just the way you are. HUGGGGSSSSSS
Much Love,
Hi hun

i would have signed the guestbook earlier, but could not get on it.
Just want to say i really love your pictures, you sure are a pretty girl, i'm sure when you turn 18 you will drives some boys crazy.
oww and you got a lovely sweet voice :)

talk to you hun,
mannie mannie 1.2.3.... give corfu a knock just for me,
lift the attic roof and make her scared, cause when ya were in mines your noises blared!
dont scare her bad just a little fright, cause she thought it was funny in my house that night,
lift the lid just a little, bang it shut and have a giggle,
come back to me later and tell me all about it,
cause she was laughing when u did it to me the little s*** !!!!
we met through ob and you touched my heart,
we've laughed and we've cried and not often apart.
you've been through a lot, and i just want you to know,
that your ob auntie linda loves ya so :).
so always be you, bubbly and kind, cause if you ever change i'll kick yer behind ;).
love you millions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AUNTIE LINDA

Corfu, I speak this straight from the heart. You have one good head on your shoulders. Even though you can be a DQ sometimes! lmao j/k Just sending some love your way! David James
hello numpty
so you think your no1
look out kiddo here i come lol
try and beat me one more time
i will hit u wiv me wine
so if you think that u can race
come on girlie show ya face pmsl
love ya corfuie
keep me smiling ha!
foxyyyy mwah xxxx
Corfu you are such a sweet beautiful girl!!! Dont ever change.Love you to pieces
Hey sweetie.You are truely a blessing to all those who you have met.You keep alot laughing and regardless of what you say.Andrew thinks you are one of the cutest girls ..GIRLS n here and so do I. God bless you always .Amanda
hi ya babes i loves u millions & millions to thanks for being the best daughter in the world big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
hiya babes love you millions stay cool and tc mwaaaaaaaah xxxxxxxxxxxxx
hope to come and give u the thingy with ur name on rofllllllll :p xxxxxx
hi ya nitwit dont you ever change yer monkey lol xxx
hi sis
kewl profile
love u lots
u r the best gffffffffffff ever
Corfu, u r the sweetest kid I've met on bandit. Ty for always being so sweet & fun. Plz do ur best in school & accomplish all of ur goals in life. I love u, alot. AprilRox
corfu corfu corfu, when I first met you on bandits, I thought to myself, what a sweet person, and after getting to know you, I now say, you can't get any sweeter. Your always a joy to be around hon. Hopefully we will get to know each other better this year!!You deserve many blessings and happiness in your life.Don't grow up to fast honbecause before you know it precious one, you will be grown. Stay sweet and innocent and know there are a lot of people out here that loves you, I being one. Love ya sweet corfu< Ms_Attitude4U, aka, Debra
This goes out to Corfu My cyber online daughter ,,,,, to a very Precious Precious big girlie you,,,, now listen YOU have touch my heart such a precious child I love you ,,,, you are so young and have given me so much you have taught me such a great deal and I'm amazed of how mature you're YOUR AMAZING and I thank your mum for this she's taught u well hunni YOUR ONE IN A MILLION ther have been days i've been down and you have brought me to the TOP so much love in your inner heart sweetie u have made me cry with your sweetness your LOVE and many of our little chats THANK YOU THE GIRL FOR SHARIN SUCH A PRECIOUS LITTLE ONE I HAVE GOTTEN TO KNOW AND LOVE SO MUCH corfu never never forget how much I love you and appreciate you such a pleasure to have you LOV YOU SO MUCH LITTLE ONE I LOV YOU GIRLIE (THEGIRL) TY ONCE AGAIN
ohh mmy giddy aunt sallies under garments its even got a blooming gallery now oh crickey wtg on winning what you did mate yer blinking nitwit from cheltenham lol
corfu tofu!!!! you rock!!!!! you are such a sweetheart---No your not fat ---your goregous!! quit growing up so fast and stay away from those pubs!!! heeheh j/k love ya lots dena kay
hi ya babes well done on getting 2 noteables see i told ya u dont stop talking even the whole of ob agree lol well i love u so much babes u r really a special daughter love u millions xxxxxx
HaHaHa you r the nutter :P:P lmaoo. Love you Too sweetie, wish u all the best in ur life , and hey iam from Mars duh!!!:P:P:P
hey u lil chatter box ob addicted child :p Congrats love ya lil sis :)
hey cirfu torfu
hiya sweetie love ya loads
and ya talking got ya this mmmm pmsl well done
love ya muaaahhhh