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Username:tigger1980, 43 years
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My name is Stephanie. im a 33 year old from N.Y. I have three beautiful  daughters ages 9  13 and 2 :d I am happily in a relationship of 10 years (8)
Heres some new pics of Maddy ;)
I have alot of awesome friends on here and glad to be meeting new ones (1)
Ever want a game or chat give me a shout (22)
׺°”˜`”°º×Tïggë®×º°”˜`”°º×  Love you all xxxx
awww fab fab fab!!! be so happy. much love to you all ilona xxx
how cute. you are blessed. bless your family
She is just adorable
awwww look at her tiny feet bless her shes so sweet
Madalynn is gorgeous Hun!!!!!
hey hunni your baby is beauitfull and so are your other kids...you a great person xxx
awww shes so cute :oD
awwww she is so so beautiful hun :)
aww she is so beautiful ...she looks older than she is..such a picture taker she is so alert .hugs to you both:)
What a beautiful bundle of joy. I love your profile picture. Now,...you ready to go "weeeeeeee", together?...lol
awww she is gorgeous just want to cuddle her...lol
awwww she is gorgeous wish i could have a cuddle...lol
awwwwwwwww she is beautiful hun just want to hold her and watch her coo...lol
awww she is beautiful hun :)
awww tigger she is beautifule hun :)
aw tigger hun she gawjaws little girl :)
oh cute she is tasting her fingers as if they r yum like a lolipop
oh myyyy hun she is beautifullllllllll congrads hun miss ya
I FREAKIN MISS U DINGY:) Congrats on new baby, I never say her name for fear i spell it wrong..lmao...Love you and get bkkkk hereeeeeee:)
welcome back hun
Hi tigger. just want to congratulate u on your new angel...hope we get to play sometimes.
***TAG*** I just tagged you (1) Where ever you may be...Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine! Thanks for being a part of my life and being such an awesome friend I hope we have many more years to come (1) xoxoxo
Hi darlin'

Happy Birthday.

Just wanted to stop by and say ty for keeping it real.
Hey :D

rock on 1980 model. little ralphie called me . his dad wants his lamp back
happy new yr tigger 1980 model where u get that lamp from a christmas story auction on e bay with a red ryder bb gun xo rock on ozzy xo
Happy new year hun!!!!!
happy new year hun !!!
Wishing you and yours and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Thanks for the wonderful meannnn sludo games.. always a blast with you hun!! Can't wait for more!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! Happy 2010 also!
Happyyyy Birthdayyyyy Tigger hope you have a great day

Love Kara xoxoxo
aww hun .thats a real nice pic of u :) ...
oh n other pics are very nice too lol ..luvs ya sam xxxx
omg steph!!! gr8 pic xxxxxxxx love linda xxx
Tigggs!! Just came to your profile & thought Id leave you some luv. You have a beautiful family & you ARE a tiny thing! Thanks for sharing.. take care hon *hugs* <3
nice pics hun :) hope you had a good time at the fair xxxx
Glad you forgot to mention all the yelling, kicking, cursing, screaming and trout slapping during training :))))))) lol
Love ya xxx
Hey tiggs, one of the reasons I love coming to OB is becuase of you. Your a bunch of laughs and always around when needed. Thanks for being a good mate, Love always Leah xxxxx
hiya tiggs just wanted to say ur a awesome friend someone i can always count on n u always make me laugh i love it when we play mean mean ludo lmao ur a awesome person and friend love ya lot hun n always will love ya love ya lisa
tiggerrrrrrrrr......... Your girls are beautiful, and you are beautiful both inside and out. Its a pleasure playing in your tourneys, and MOST of the time, playing against you. ( That is, when you aren't cheating. ) :-P . Hugs my friend.
hey tiggs....its a real pleasure being your friend hun...