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Username:xxxdxxx, 44 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 5871 times
My homepage:vicki-hannah.memory-of.com/

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wot to say about me hmmmmm well i have 4 georgous but very mischievious kids but then arent they all im scottish but moved to lancashire ...... i like tattoo's (i have 10) i love cats
music wise i like adele, tarcey chapman,avril,evanescence,seether,eminem,pinkfloyd, all sorts really
gl in ur games xxx
100%Angel is the closest friend i have on Ob ... cant find a better stalker! anywhere lol .... luvs ya tho :P:P
please visit my homepage and light a candle for vicki she was an angel in life as she is in heaven now
  i have the magic dust on my side :P:P:P::P:P:P:P
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
what can i say ...... Nutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
merry christmas and a happy new year hun hope you have a good 1 xxxx
well what can i say hmmmm NUTTER springs to mind :P
well howdy partner came to see ya but u not here :( hb so we can kick some ass lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
Happy Birthday
Hope you have a great day
Love From
Lisa, Zachary, Damon and Terry
D to the C!
WISHING U N YOURS A VERY HAPPY 2009 :) hope its a good 1 .xxxx
i wish you a happy new year hun
love andrea
Hey D I want to wish you and your Family A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!1
Ya never know if your good maybe SaNtA will bring you some of the REAL DUST!!! That would be better than your fake stuff!
hehe Luv Juls
Hi Dawna,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
lmaooooo u nutterrrr ... keep smiling hun and hold on that dust one day i tell ya it gonna be minesssss all minessssss hehehehehehehehe
hewy hun im ss but i borrowed sum of your magic dust, its really helped and ill give it back after i win a tourney.

Hiya xxDxx, hostess with the mostess lol..keep up the good work mwahh
hey hun awesome profile ... and awesome td and alot fun 2 talk 2 .......... moody (alison)
ddddddddddd XD
Hi D.
Do I spy D?
I think I do!
Happy Birthday 2 you!! I hope ya have a awesome day!!! here is a presant for ya!!! a secial lil box to put your dust in to keep it safe... luv juls xxx PS by the way i'm still working on a very secert reciepe for my own dust!!! :P
What a lovely family you have. Love those tattoos....So nice to meet you and someday I'll beat ur butt in ludo...lmao...making my own dust:)
well what can i say uve been a great friend to me always there for me when i need u just wanted to say thxxxxxx need to keep the smackdown team alive lol and keep telling juls she aing getting none of it no matter how much she begs :P
awww your kid's are so cuteeeee :) and ty for the comment hun you do great work as a host and ur da bestest around huggerz

Just dropped in 2 say hello. Your kids are georgeous!!! Hope ur New Year goes well hun!!!
hi ty for signing my guest book and yes i love leon lol
Hey Hun your a awesome person and a good Td keep up the good work! oh yea and about the Magic Dust ya have to share with me or better yet give me the right Reciepe!!! julie
ty merry xmas to u and urs
dawna i wish you a very merry christmas hun
loves grannyandrea
hey iam glad i got 2 know u ur alot of fun and keep me laughing..... ur a great td 2.........alwyas have fun playing ludo....ur kids are so cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moody...... alison.
hey hun u r very awesome. i think u rock as the best td here love ya sweety bye
Hey Dawnaaaaaaa!! You did great TD. You are so fun, sweet, and NUTS on dices! lmao..Keep it up doing your great TD. I am glad you are my sweet friend. :-D....If you need anything help with any tourneys give me holler. ;-) By the way, your kids are sooooooooooo cute!! wow you have alot of tattoos :-0. I have two tattoos but I will get two more tattoos. hehe!!

xxxDxxx you are a great td ty for all the tourneys bubbi and great profile x.x
D you are a great TD!!! Love the tats!! Your kids are so cute!! Keep up the good work!!! See ya around hosting heheh!!!

Your Friend,
dawna just wanted to say ty for everything u have done for me i love ya hun if u need anything im here for u