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Username:bound4heaven, 64 years
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Hi All -- My name is Jo, I live in Washington State where it doesn't rain. Originally I am from Long Island, New York, then I transplanted on to Huntington Beach, California....I have 2 children who play on here, MadMax and Sarra Ashley, Duh, and a wonderful husband. My kids are 16 and 18. I have a sweet little doggie named Annie, whom I named after my dear mother who I lost in 2004. I love playing here at OB, the people are so nice and the games are so much fun. Hope to chat with you! Just a shout out to some of my friends who have been so friendly and kind, Oreo, Linda, Amazing Ferrett, Sportsplayer, SoftballRocks (Max's friend) Feisty, Yolanda, MysticalJoy, Ethel, xxxDxxx, Dolphin, 100% Angel, MoodyGranny, Mastermatty, Megrablade!! tigger1980,LissiNRhett (my Big Brother buddy)   Summerbaby, Dougslilvxn, mom2samnjosh, bbvkkk, Naughtybrat1968, Tigeress, pattypoodle, DrinksonTheHouse, paperroses,and last but certainly not least....Doez!!   If I have left anyone out...let me know.....
Also, Thanks to all the TD's who do an amazing job -- if it weren't for all of you this site wouldn't be what it is! Just one more thing....JESUS CHRIST is My Lord and Savior....if you don't know Him and would like to meet HIM....I can introduce you!!
Love you all!! (44)
Amen Bound... :)
Hi I just want to say that u have a very nick nick here on ob ;).I am a christian and so are u or?Big hug from me Carita
Hey there sweety.....Congratulations on becoming a TD!!!!! WHOOHOO I'm sure u'll be fab like the rest of our TD's. I Love ya hun x0x0x0x

Hi Joe you do have a beautiful family . i'm glad i meet you on here. May God bless you and your family . Thank God there are still God loving people on here.
Jo your family is beautiful and so are you hun. I'm so thankful for meeting you. I love talking to you. We'll get through everything...we're strong. Love ya hun:)
love your pics hun ,, your dog is lovely tc shazarXX
Amen!! Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior That was a awesome blessing to see that on your profile GOD BLESS YOU Hugs Vickie