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Username:who am i, 56 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Chitris - played 1745 times
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Received GB entry from queenevans4u
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer
Winner against the computer

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Painted Yatzy
Painted Yatzy

Game Won / Lost Best score
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Chitris952 / 784104
Ludo362 / 2470
Painted Yatzy223 / 178525

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Puzzle # 100

Answer to last puzzle Danny Kaye .

Some very odd OB info.
OB was first invented as a player vs . player tetris game . Chitris : )
The very first OB was born in 1999 ( Chitris )
A random girl at a youth magazine in Denmark Copenhagen pickd the OB color yellow for the denmark busses .
More than 3,000,000 hours for gaming and chatting have been spent by OB users .
OB is the only BG game rated with 5 - star at tucows.com - one of the worlds largest download site .
The top user - measured in total online time - has spent more than 11,000 hours .
Jakob - a co-owner suggested the name " Onlinebandit "
Unlike other gaming sites , 65 % of the users are women .
Yatzy/ Yathzee is by far the most played games . And the most simple to make .
We know of 8 OB-kids (mom and dad found each other on OB .
The file size of OB server is about 1MB . thats less than a old floppy-disk .
Webcams eat up about 95 % of all OB traffic . the rest is web , chat and gaming data .
On an average day , OB gets 70-100 new users .
The first OB server was hosted on a Pentium 133mhz machine .
The money for the Painted Yathzee game was donated by Cuddledoll36 .
Cenika was one of the first users and today administrator of the International OB ( Called Sysop internally )
At OB we have boobs and a little butt as icons in the chat . they have been asked more than 100 times to remove them . but(t) they wont , its a part of the OB charm - remember , they are onlineBandits .
The info for this odd facts were found in OBs home page and Kobies blog .
all but the donated fact about the painted yathzee long timers would know that lol .
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