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Profile for AngelzTearz

I come to this place,day after day;hoping I will see you,needing you to explain...I don't know where things went wrong,have replayed everything in my mind;none of it makes any sense to me,and I'm simply left here to cry...I'm not crying cause you simply left,that was obviously easy for you to do;am crying cause you weren't the man,that I thought you were...the man I thought you were,would of at least explained;you on the other hand,simply walked away...I guess in your eyes I didn't deserve the truth,hell I wasn't even worthy of you lying;do you even care how much you have hurt me,does it matter if I feel like dying...your silence and your absence speaks more to me,than any words ever could;you have managed to hurt me more,than I ever thought you would...I know how this "game" works,have seen it played before.;1 day you will just come back,strolling through the door...acting like nothing is wrong and everything is fine;only difference is by then,I won't no longer be crying...with each passing day I cry a little less,and I honestly care a lot more;if you ever speak to me again,as you did before...it was you who chose this path,your the one who walked away;I was just the fool,who waited for you every day...I don't "hate" you,I'm not even mad;my heart just misses,what we once had...you were a "lesson" to me and all the tears I have cried are just something I had to go through;and no Darlin' I don't regret,that my foolish heart fell for you...after months of hanging on,I am finally letting go;is just something I have to do,to try to mend my broken heart and heal my damaged soul...not another single tear will I ever cry,this is what you wanted,and only you know the reasons why...maybe 1 day you will open your eyes and finally see;this wasn't about anyone else;this was once just about you and me....

every word of every song seems to only remind me of you;I miss you soooooo damn much that most times,I simply don't know what to do...I listen to the chatter and the gossip of friends standing round;but I pay them no mind,as my tears silently fall to the ground...everytime I hear the door open,I look up to see;hoping and praying that it's you,walking back to me...I know it's crazy to be feeling this way,but try telling that to my heart;all I know is I miss you and wanna be with you,whenever we're apart...the time we have together is never enough,I'm always wanting more;all too soon,in the blink of an eye your once again,heading for the door...I can't stand to watch you leave,it breaks my heart in two;I simply turn my head,to hide my tears,from you...I can't explain the sadness,rolling down my face;not understanding why you,would leave me here,alone,in this place...kneeling on the floor,covering my face so you don't see;me crying uncontrollably,cause your walking away from me...you haunt my heart and torment my soul;I hear you whisper my name,wherever I go...I miss you more and more,with every passing minute;my life seems so empty without you,in it...you do something to me that I can't explain;you take away all the sadness and the pain...I hear the door open and look up to see;the man who has stolen my heart,walking towards me...my heart skips a beat when I see his face;and like a child I eagerly run,to his loving embrace...he holds me close,like we've never been apart;it's only then that I realize,I'm IN LOVE WITH the man,who has stolen my heart....

standing in the field,as far as I can see;nothing but a forest,surrounding me...the storm is coming,I can feel it on the wind;the trees are beckoning me,to come in again...I can hear the wind,roaring through the trees;the storm is fast aproaching me...the sky is turning ominous,I hear the thunder now;as the wind knocks me to the ground...the forest is pleading,their limbs reaching out for me;they don't understand,they can't save me...closing my eyes as tears fall,silently down my face;no matter what I do,I can't escape this place...the thunder deafens me,lightning splits the sky;you can almost hear the weeping willows,as they begin to cry...in defiance of the storm,I nervously stand;wiping away my tears,with the back of my hand...the lightning strikes are close,the thunder is overhead;the wind knocks me down,everytime I try to stand...

you know my story,I'm Caylee Marie,why did my mommy murder me?...it happened in June,it was really hot;I was thrown away,for my flesh to rot...no one missed me,I was all alone;laying dead in the woods,so close to my home...my grandparents realized,I was no longer around;my mommy was partying,all over our town...how did this happen,how could this be;so much time that went by,before they were looking for me...my birthday is here,in these woods I will stay;I am covered with water,from hurricane Fay...
Christmas is coming,children are filled with such glee;thanks to the searchers,they finally found me...my body is gone,just some bones in the dirt;what could I have done,to warrent this hurt...mommy told lies,she smiled with such glory;why did my grandmother,back up her story...I know grandma loved me,at one time she cared,then she lied to save mommy, because she was scared...since grandmaw helped mommy,fill the jury with doubt;the unspeakable happened, mommy got out...now it is all over,my soul is at rest;God bless all of you,you gave it your best...just rest assured now, I have my wings;with all the joy,that heaven brings...mommy's throwing a party,she thinks she is a winner;when everyone knows,she is a horrible sinner...I once sang a song don't take my sunshine away;mommy will understand,on her judgement day...now she must sew,just what she reaps;remember this always,God never sleeps...

beautiful writing
beautiful writing